Northclife & Windy Harbour

Northcliffe and Windy Harbour

Northcliffe is the home of the giant karri and jarrah tree forests of Western Australia and is the gateway to Windy Harbour at the wild and splendid Cape D’Entrecasteaux with its untouched beaches, excellent fishing and views from the lighthouse across the Southern Ocean to Antarctica.

As well as enjoying some of the best food in the world, whether fresh, locally grown produce or in award-winning restaurants of the Southern Forests region, near some of the last undeveloped beaches at Windy Harbour, you can

take a walk back in time at the Pioneer Museum or

through the Understory forest sculpture

or you can take any of the magnificent walks through the karri and jarrah trees or along the cool, forested creeks and rivers.


Local attractions include

Northcliffe Visitor Centre

 Northcliffe Community Resource Centre

Sports and Recreation Centre

Northcliffe Hotel and Motor Inn

Worker’s Club

Northcliffe General Store and Newsagency

Hollow Butt Café

Northcliffe Pioneer Museum

Northcliffe Golf Club


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